He Popped the Question... Now It's Your Turn??

You’ve been waiting months and he finally did it. He got down on one knee and pulled a diamond out of his coat pocket. It’s happening. It’s ​finally happening. But wait... this means you have a lot of planning ahead of you. Like months of planning. Hmmm where do you start? Why not start with asking your bridesmaids and maid of honor to join you on the big day? I mean they always know what to do and their help can be a great tool for you to use while you plan out the rest of your soon-to-be favorite day ever. But of course you need a cute bridesmaid proposal to pop the question!! They deserve nothing less and we all know that. At the end of the day, these ladies ​are​ your “people.”

Here is a list of three extra cute bridesmaid/maid of honor proposals that your ladies will be sure to loooove!

1) Jewelry

Jewelry is such a cute way to ask your bridesmaids and maid of honor to spend the day with you on your wedding day! You can easily go to a store and pick out your own jewelry, or, if you are creative and have some time, you can make it yourself. Online websites like Etsy also offer hundreds of options that you can order from for relatively cheap.

Another nice thing about gifting your ladies jewelry is that they will all have something matching to wear on your wedding day. You can incorporate this necklace, or bracelet, or whatever it is into the dress attire. The jewelry will also be able to be worn whenever and wherever the girls choose, so whenever they sneak a peek in the

mirror, they will remember how much fun they had on your wedding day!

2) Wine Bottles and Wine Glasses

If you are looking for a sophisticated way to pop the question, a monogrammed wine bottle or wine glass is definitely the way to go. Depending on what you are looking for, personalized wine bottles are going to be slightly on the pricier side, but, like we all know, that’s just the price you pay for a nice, smooth bottle of ​rosé. On the other hand, wine glasses are pretty cheap! You can get these at really any department store ranging from Target to Marshalls. You can buy them blank and ask someone to personalize them for you, or, just like jewelry, Etsy has hundreds of options you can buy from. Let’s just say, Etsy can definitely be your bff during your wedding planning.

These wine bottles or glasses will also be useful for a long time after your magical day. Some of your bridesmaids might opt to display their bottle or glass in their china cabinet, while others pull theirs out for a laid back, stay-in, movie night. Either way, both of these ideas are a wonderful way to make your bridesmaids and maid of honor feel extra special.

3) DIY Box

Throwing a bunch of cute, random things in a box might seem like a lot of work, but really it’s just a lot of fun! DIY boxes are a really great idea when it comes to popping the big bridesmaid question. It can also be super simple and inexpensive. Take a trip to the dollar store, or Target, or Hobby Lobby, and find a bunch of small items to buy. Examples can be: nail polish, face masks, candles, gift cards, small initial letters, mugs, and soooo many more things. You have a lot of wiggle room here. You can even incorporate mini versions of our earlier ideas into the box; Jewelry or a small bottle of wine with a personalized robe are perfect to add in. Put all of your items into a cute box with some confetti and BAM your bridesmaids are bound to say yes.

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