Best Kept Lash Secrets from Real Makeup Artists

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We are diving into our best-kept lash secrets from real top makeup artists!

Do you wish you could wear false lashes everyday but don't think you can afford it? or do you not know how to apply them? Our pros are sharing their top secrets tips on how to master false lashes!

1. OUR FAVORITE LASHES (For under $3.00 a pair)

Yes, you read that right! While of course we love many false eyelashes out there. Our all time favorites (especially for bridal) are Kiss Blowout Lashes in the style Pompadour.

They are..

  • Extra length volume & a slightly denser lash Salon styled technology for full, bouncy volume & curl.

  • Cruelty free 

  • Reusable & contact lens friendly

They are available only at or

Pompadours retails for $11.99 for four pairs or $3.00 for a single pair but are most definitely reusable when treated with care!


If you think applying lashes is tricky.. you just don't know the easy secrets that will make putting on falsies second nature!

  • Lay on top of your natural lash to check fit. If strip extends beyond your lash line, trim from the outer edge by cutting in between knots for your best fit.

  • Apply Strip Lash Adhesive to the lash band; wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become slightly tacky.

  • Apply lash along natural lash line, tapping into place. Hold as adhesive fully dries.

The secret is trimming the lash to best fit your eye, waiting for the last glue to become tacky and using our favorite lash tool (below) to hold the falsies perfectly in place on your eye!


This is the ultimate secret behind applying your false eyelashes super quick with no hassle and no mess!

The Tarte little lash helper lash applicator

Apply false lashes like a PRO with this easy-to-use lash placement tool. Designed for goofproof false eyelash applications. this beginner-friendly tool allows you to precisely pick up and apply falsies directly to the lashline.

Then, the custom-engineered curve is perfectly contoured for all eye shapes to press down and secure them in place for hours of comfortable, budge-free wear.

This tool retails for $14.00 at Sephora, Ulta and at Worth every penny!

Watch below and learn how to easily apply your false lashes!


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